Scenic City Angel


Scenic City Angel (SCA) is an outreach initiative of Mark Making. 

The mission of SCA is two-fold: first, to identify and offer financial assistance for pressing personal needs in economically disadvantaged communities in Chattanooga that are “stumbling blocks” for forward movement.  In addition, SCA invests in grassroots leaders serving economically disadvantaged communities so they can transform their lives and the lives of those around them. 

SCA Program Partnerships include:  Chambliss Children’s Center, Bethlehem Center, four branches of the Chattanooga YMCA, five inner city Chattanooga recreation centers, Westside Baptist Church and Inner Peace Youth Programs, four Hamilton County public schools, East Lake Courts, Emma Wheeler Homes.

SCA Funding and Program Support:  Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga, University of Nebraska Extension Service, University of Tennessee Knoxville Extension Service, Chattanooga State Community College.