2015 Mural 100' x 5'

Site: Hope for the Inner City (1800 Roanoke Ave.)

Artists: Teens from Hope for the Inner City and The Bethlehem Center in collaboration with professional artist Mark Bradley-Shoup.

Partners: Bethlehem Center, Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga, Hope for the Inner City and Tennessee Arts Commission.

Description: As part of the Painted Garden Series, teens from Hope for the Inner City and the Bethlehem Center explored the concept of “hope” and designed and painted pollinators to spread seeds and fertilize new growth. The meaning of “hope” is to believe in a better tomorrow, a tomorrow that can be pollinated by today’s thoughts and action. Pollinators serves as a metaphor signifying the spreading of seeds, intentful thoughts and actions that could promote the revitalization of East Chattanooga.

Each teen focused on a single pollinator to draw, resulting in abstracted and surreal insects. The teens painted larger versions of their drawings, which were then collaged into a professionally designed background. In this way, became participants in the rapidly changing visual landscape of their neighborhood, offering their marks as a reminder to others that they too can effect change and fertilize growth.

Pollinators was funded in part by Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga and Tennessee Arts Commission.