We Fly 


2016 Mural 90' x 5'

Site: The Bethlehem Center (200 W 38th Street)

Artists: The Bethlehem Center teens and AIM Center members in collaboration with professional artist Judy Mogul.

Partners: AIM Center, The Bethlehem Center, Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga, and Tennessee Arts Commission.

Description: We Fly, created by Bethlehem Center youth and AIM Center artists, teems of colorful butterflies, symbols of beauty and transformation. In nature, this insect’s life cycle is a metamorphosis, a dramatic change from caterpillar to butterfly. Each student drew a butterfly, a reflection of themselves as a contributor in their community, able to impact and inspire. These designs were then enlarged, painted by the students, and collaged together in a ninety foot long mural that now adorns the Bethlehem Center.

Like butterflies, communities change, children become adults and residents become engaged citizens. They take ownership of their neighborhood and contribute to the greater good, empowered to use their voices as tools for enacting change. We Fly is both a beacon of positive growth and a call to action, reminding us that we are all able to work towards transformative solutions.

We Fly was funded in part by Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga and the Tennessee Arts Commission.