Wallets for Change


2018 Wallets

Site: Pop-up marketplace at Mark Making

Artists: 40 teens from East Chattanooga with lead artist C-Grimey

Partners: The Hand Foundation

Description: In Magic Markers 2018, teens explored citizenship, written word, art-making and entrepreneurship through the design, manufacture, and marketing of wallets. Addressing community wealth and the racial economic gap, the wallets feature the teens’ ideas for creating a more equitable future.

The teens promoted and curated the Wallets for Change event, a pop-up marketplace to display and sell their wallets and practice marketing skills to their target market audience composed of community members, family, and friends. Following the event, multiple teens opened their first bank accounts and continued to expand their wallet business. Participants were compensated with a stipend reflecting their individual work ethic, performance, and job quality. For wallet purchases, please visit Fashion Marks here. 

Wallets for Change was funded in part by the Hand Foundation.