Slice of Life


2009 16' x 8' collage

Site: Allen Elementary

Artists: 60 3rd-5th graders, some at risk for obesity

Partners: Allen Elementary

Description: Mark Making facilitators conducted workshops integrating art-making and studying the basics of good nutrition with seventy students from the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades at Allen Elementary, which is located in a county where the rates of being overweight or obese are very high.

 Using an oil-pastel resist technique on paper, they made paintings of their favorite foods from each food pyramid category: grains, vegetables, fruit, dairy, meat and beans, and oils and fats categories. Their art work was then collaged onto large framed “slices”, scaled to represent the FDA food pyramid. Located in the cafeteria of Allen Elementary, Slice of Life reminds students to make nutritious choices.

Slice of Life was funded in part by Allen Elementary.