It’s Here & Change Coming Here


2010 40' x 4' & 40' x 4' graffiti murals

Site: Parkway Towers

Artists: Normal Park Museum Magnet Upper School Students and a crew of Chattanoogans

Partners: Normal Park Museum Magnet Upper School & building owner Maurice Kadosh

Description: It’s Here, hanging at the top of Parkway Towers, viewable from the interstate, offered a welcome to motorists entering Chattanooga and hopefully sparking curiosity about the building. Change Coming Here, located at the site of the Farmers’ Market and the nearby dog park, signaled a hopeful renaissance of the historic building.

Parkway Towers, once a substation that stored electricity in the early 1900s, has continued to deteriorate for several decades. To express a message of a brighter future for this historic building, artist Sour One led a group of sixth graders in creating two temporary, graffiti murals. It’s Here and Change Coming Here encouraged the public to take interest in the site. These words were selected to bring awareness and provoke rumor about the future of the building at a time when the city was delaying signing a permit to develop the property.