Animations on Glass II


2017 Muralettes

Site: A four block area of storefronts on Glass Street

Artists: 47 teens from East Chattanooga, Genesis the GreyKid, Josiah Golson

Partners: The George R. Johnson Foundation

Description: Animations on Glass Street is a series of small, colorful, graffiti-inspired murals based on words that could inspire positive development in the Glass Street neighborhood.

Mark Making led 100 hours of workshops for forty-seven teens from East Chattanooga over a four week period. The teens explored neighborhood issues affecting their lives, such as poverty, gang violence, and racism, and identified solutions to these problems using written word and poetry. They also studied concepts of design to communicate effectively to the public and were then challenged to create designs for solutions, using a single word such as growth, equity, and lead. The resulting artworks were painted in a large format and installed along the Glass Street corridor, resulting in a four block area of beautification in East Chattanooga.

During the workshops, the Magic Markers teens also practiced work readiness skills: leadership, problem-solving, reliability, and making wise choices. These skills were compensated with a stipend based on their individual work ethic, performance, and job quality. 

Animations on Glass II was funded in part by the George R. Johnson Foundation.