A Dream Built on Faith 


2013 29' x 11'

Site: Whiteside Park (756 East MLK Blvd.)

Artists: 21 students from Urban League of Greater Chattanooga and UTC Brock Scholars Program with lead artists Mark Bradley-Shoup, Chad Burnette, Frances McDonald, and Jennifer Rubin

Partners: Good Neighbors Inc, UTC Brock Scholars Program, Urban League of Greater Chattanooga, Tennessee Arts Commission

Description: A Dream Built On Faith celebrates and depicts the life and legacy of Dr. William H. Whiteside (1909-2002), founder of Good Neighbors, Inc. In partnership with teens from Urban League of Greater Chattanooga and UTC Brock Scholars, the students sought to bring more public awareness to the work and contributions to Chattanooga of Dr. Whiteside.

Dr. Whiteside dedicated his life to serving others with love, respect and compassion. He founded Good Neighbors, Inc. in 1952 to help feed, clothe, house, and minister to Chattanooga’s less fortunate. Perhaps of most impact was the culmination of his dream to build Whiteside’s Faith Manor, Chattanooga’s first residential facility for low-income elderly and handicapped African-Americans.

A Dream Built on Faith was funded under an agreement by the State of Tennessee as part of Mark Making’s MLK Boulevard Mural Series.