20/20 Vision


2012 2500 sq. ft.

Site: PSC Metals, Inc. (Riverfront Pkwy @ 19th Street)

Artists: 20 Howard School students and 20 Mark Making artists

Partners: The Howard School, PSC Metals, Inc., The Tucker Foundation, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Honors Program

Description:  20/20 Vision was a mentorship program pairing twenty Howard School students with twenty local professional artists that provided an opportunity for students to identify, “see”, and consider future solutions for today’s challenges. The identified issues included inferior urban education in public schools, gang violence, environmental crises, and teen pregnancy. Each student and artist team developed designs for an eye or pair of eyes, incorporating the issue and solutions they explored.

The painted eyes represent Howard students looking towards their future and the future of Chattanooga, offering an opportunity for drivers to feel observed, and provoking them to reflect on the part they play in the future of youth from this underfunded school.

20/20 Vision was funded in part by PSC Metals, Inc. and The Tucker Foundation.